Cory Bird

Vice President/General Manager

Cory Bird is a Vice President of Scaled Composites, LLC in Mojave, California. He has over 28 years at Scaled Composites, and has held several positions, starting as a composite technician on the Scarab Model 324 high-performance reconnaissance unmanned aircraft in 1985 and most recently as chief engineer for the Stratolaunch program.

Over the course of his career, he has held increasing roles directly supporting design, development and execution of over 45 prototype vehicles ranging from space to air to sea, including SpaceShipOne, SpaceShipTwo, White Knight, WhiteKnightTwo, Proteus, Orion, Tier II+, Triumph and many others. He is a private pilot and has designed, built and flight tested his own award-winning N241ST Symmetry aircraft.

His commitment to designing solutions that offer the most efficient structural arrangements, manufacturing methods and overhead for specific program requirements has been instrumental to the success of Scaled Composites’ leadership in rapid prototyping and innovation.

Awards include:
2004 Grand Champion for N241ST Symmetry Aircraft (EAA, Oshkosh)
2005 Best Composite Homebuilt Aircraft (EAA, Copperstate Fly-In)
2010 Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems President’s Award

Patents Held:
June 2005, Patent # US 6,905,097 B2, for Launch Vehicle Payload Carrier and Related Methods.
August 2000, Patent # 6,110,567, for Composite Structural Panel Having Face Sheet Reinforced with a Channel Stiffener Grid.
January 1999, Patent # 5,863,365, for Method of Manufacturing Composite.
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