Scaled Composites, LLC has the capability to test avionics, cockpit layouts, flight controls and conduct flight test rehearsals which allows for cost-effective decision-making on a program, and a well-prepared flight crew.


Summary of Simulator Uses:

• Pilot-in-the-loop flying qualities development
• Flight hardware and software verification
• Procedures training
• Performance analysis
• Ground crew training

Simulation as an Engineering Tool: Avionics hardware and software development, cockpit ergonomics, and system design are improved by simulation. Engineers can test various system interfaces, control configurations, or cockpit layouts before the flight articles are constructed. This partial “iron-bird” capability allows long-term testing of critical flight hardware.

Flight Crew Training Resource: Flight crews prepare for test flights using six degrees of freedom, non-linear, hardware-in-the-loop simulation. Instructor operator stations allow crews to train for realistic scenarios. Flight controls utilize force feedback driven by control loaders to provide realistic control forces in all flight regimes. Wrap-around display systems provide realistic views for all phases of the mission. Data can be telemetered to the mission control room to support full mission rehearsal.

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