Scaled Composites, LLC performs a great deal of structural testing to evaluate and verify its structural materials and building processes.

Structural Testing

Extensive Testing Facilities: Scaled maintains an extensive Research and Development lab in which many material specimens are tested to ASTM, MIL, and SACMA standards for composites. Tools used for coupon testing include a dual-column 30 Kip Instron electro-mechanical load frame and several ASTM certified fixtures. These tools are used to perform in-house material verification and to provide testing services for our customers. Accurate strengths and moduli can be determined for various materials. Measurements of peel and joint strength and sandwich panel properties can be evaluated. In addition, these tests can be conducted with environmental conditioning (-100°F to 350°F) and damage tolerance considerations.

Full Scale Analysis: Before a manned flight test program begins, proof loading on our customer's prototype is conducted. Since most proof-of-concept articles are designed with a high safety margin, the actual flight test article is generally used for static load verification. Strains and deflections can be measured to verify design predictions. Scaled has experience with full-scale measurements of aircraft moments of inertia. In addition, Scaled can support contracted ground vibration testing of flight vehicles.
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